About Hamar Real Estate

Hamar Real Estate is an independent real estate Asset- and Investment Management firm.
The main asset classes are retail, offices and logistics.
Our clients have a high level of ambition to improve the quality, income and value of their investments based on a medium term focus.
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Activities and services

Hamar Real Estate offers Investment- and Asset Management services for (international) institutional and private high net worth investors who own real estate assets in The Netherlands. We service and assist our clients with respect to: Portfolio strategy and Asset Selection, Investment Management, Asset Management and Fund structuring.
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Hans Vermeeren

Hans Vermeeren - Hamar Real Estate

Marieke van Wieren

Marieke van Wieren - Hamar Real Estate

Very experienced independent real estate professionals with excellent reputation and track record.
Broad national as well as international experience in the field of Investment-, Asset- as well as Operational Management.
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